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The Importance of Maintaining Your Roof & Gutters This Autumn

The Importance of Maintaining Your Roof & Gutters This Autumn


With autumn soon approaching, it is essential to ensure your home is in top shape, especially when it comes to aspects of your property that, if not looked after, can damage the structure of your house. It’s far cheaper to maintain your house than it is to have to fork out money for claims your home insurance may not cover, should the unforeseen happen.

86% of builders have dealt with leaking roofs over winter, and 51% of builders have repaired damage caused to the property because of blocked gutters (FMB)

Blocked gutters pose a real threat to both your home and your home insurance policy. Faulty gutters can cause damp, cracks, and leaking, which can eventually lead to serious damage to the walls, roof and even the foundation of your home. If your gutters are not regularly maintained then your insurance provider can reject your claim, based on general wear and tear.

Home insurance covers the unexpected

Home insurance policies don’t usually cover general wear and tear, which is what gutter and roof maintenance falls under.

Even if an issue becomes more serious, for example, structural damage, your claim may not be paid if any damage caused to your property could have been prevented had you looked after your home.

Your insurance policy is there to help when the unexpected happens.

We advise that you to look after the gutters and roof of your property, to ensure nothing gets blocked or broken.

If there are blockages or cracks, remember that it is your responsibility to get it fixed promptly before any serious damage can result from it.

Time to scale the ladder for a thorough brush of your gutters

It doesn’t need to be a chore to maintain your roof and gutters, a simple visual inspection of your guttering to look for any leaks can make a vast difference to how healthy your roof and gutters are.

With a few pointers to follow, it can take only a couple of hours out of your day:

  • Choose the right time to inspect your roof. Autumn is a good time to check for any damp or soggy leaves that may be building up in your gutter. It’s important to clean away any leaves you find.
  • Have the right tools to hand so you can quickly and efficiently get rid of any build-up of muck and debris, a simple bag, gloves, and a trowel will do perfectly for a basic clean-up.
  • Pour water into the gutters to check how quickly the water drains away, and to spot any leaks.

Many window cleaners will include a gutter clearing service, ensuring your roof is ready for the wet autumn weather. It’s a small task for a professional, but can hugely impact your roof maintenance, even if only done once a year. And if you are a window cleaner, don’t forget to check your own roof and gutters too!

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