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What Is ‘Cyber Crime’ And Are You At Risk?

What Is ‘Cyber Crime’ And Are You At Risk?


In today’s world where technology is relied upon, cyber-attacks are on the rise. As a business we use technology without even thinking. Your Company Website, electronic files, Wi-Fi, even using a card machine…

It won’t happen to me? Some of the most recognisable names have been hit including eBay, Yahoo and Target ! (source Hiscox Cyber and Data Insurance 2015)

  • Ebay – 2014, 145 million customers data, stolen. Hackers logged into a secure employee area to gain access.
  • Yahoo – 22 million records were hacked. They gained personal information and sent fake kidnapping emails demanding ransom payments.
  • Target – Hackers gained remote access, they installed malware which read card details of over 110 million cards and personal data during a busy December shopping period.

If you are one of the unlucky ones to suffer an attack, having a Cyber policy on your side is one of the ONLY ways to protect yourself from the very real possibility of damaging your reputation, incurring huge financial loss not to mention the agonising task of calling your customers to break the news that there has been a breach of sensitive data.

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