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What is Water Fed Pole Pure Water Window Cleaning?

What is Water Fed Pole Pure Water Window Cleaning?

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We at Alexander Swan have the benefit of working with many professionals within their field, especially when it comes to Window Cleaning. It is sad that in the past this industry has been given a hard time but in actual fact, there is certainly an element of skill and knowledge required to do the best job possible on premises and properties.

In relation to the Pure Water Window Cleaning method, we’ve heard many terms for this before such as…”The pole that squirts water”, “The long broom with water jets”, “The hose thing” but on a serious note, there really is an art to ensuring the water is pure and this requires investment and time on a regular basis.

Why do some Window Cleaners prefer cleaning with the Water Fed Pole system?

We of course all have our own preferences when it comes to many things but there really are some great benefits of using the pure water window cleaning method.

  • The main reason and the most important reason is for safety. Being able to clean without using ladders significantly decreases the risk of injury from falling or over stretching. It also reduces the risk of damage to premises or properties. Although the use of ladders is not banned by the Health & Safety Executive, it states “they can be used for low-risk, short duration work and where a risk assessment shows that other more suitable work equipment cannot be used due to the layout of the work area”.
  • The Water Fed Pole System can reach difficult windows where ladders can’t get to such as those over conservatories or extensions and, for example, Dorma windows in roofs.
  • Insurance premiums may be cheaper due to a lower risk

Is tap water used for Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

Tap water certainly looks clean but the sad fact is that there are a lot dissolved chemicals and minerals within it. The chemical content will vary from area to area, some areas have very hard water (susceptible to limescale) and some have softer water. In the main, these minerals are calcium, magnesium & potassium. If you were to clean with a water fed pole using just tap water and without drying them, it would probably leave white residues as well as what can only be described as dirty rain drops on the glass. You can find out more about your local water by using google to search for ‘hard water tester by postcode’.

How is tap water converted to Pure Water for Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

The technology of water purification de-mineralises and de-ionises tap water which helps to remove impurities and produce pure water. The tap water needs to pass through various filters and resins for this to happen.. This is often referred to as ‘Reverse Osmosis Water Purification’.

Tap water does not like being pure and it strives to return to its original and impure state. It therefore absorbs dirt particles from the glass which only helps with the cleaning process.

Pure Water has amazing strengths, which therefore means the cleaning does not require the use of detergents on the windows which is much better for not only the windows and surrounding frame but also, and more importantly, the environment.

For the best possible results, after the windows are cleaned with pure water, they need to be left to dry naturally (no drying by hand is needed) for a natural streak free clean.

Traditional or Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning? What should I choose?

We all have our own preferences, so choose whatever you are more comfortable with. There are a few things we would recommend when making your choice:

  • Ensure that you are comfortable with the person that you chose. They will of course be coming to your property on a regular basis. Everyone likes to see a friendly face.
  • As with ANY tradesperson coming to work on or at your property, ensure that they have the relevant insurances in place in the event of any damage caused to your property (often referred to as Public and Employers Liability Insurance).
  • It is also a good idea to double check your own Household Insurance Policy that you have the relevant cover in place. This could often be within the Accidental Damage part of your policy. If you’re unsure, give your insurer a call.
  • Ask for recommendations or read reviews, this can give you a good idea of the company you are dealing with.

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